Usage Agreement

Whoever wants to be a content creator must have a written agreement that meets the terms.

The Agreement(s) specifically prohibit any activity that is illegal or in violation of the Standards.
The Agreement(s) require that the Content Provider obtain and maintain the recorded written consent of all persons portrayed in the Content for the following areas:
• Agree to be depicted in the content
• Agree to allow public distribution of Content and uploading of Content to the Merchant's website
• If the content will be available for download by other users.
The Agreement(s) require the Content Provider to verify the identity and age of all persons portrayed in the Content to ensure that all persons portrayed in the Content are adults and to be able to provide supporting documentation upon request.
We only allow downloading of content from approved content providers.
We have a robust process to verify the age and identity of the content provider, which includes reviewing and verifying government-issued identity and steps to ensure that the government-issued identity is in the possession of, and belongs to, the content provider.
We use a third party vendor that specializes in validating government identities.
We review all uploaded content before posting to ensure that the content is legal and does not otherwise violate the Standards.
We fully control and allow real-time monitoring and removal of broadcast content if we find a violation of the Standards.
We make sure that website content or content search terms are not marketed to give the impression that the content contains child exploitation or depictions of non-consensual activities.
We support a complaint process that allows for the reporting of content that may be illegal or in violation of the Standards.
We review and resolve all reported complaints within seven (7) business days.
In the event that this review results in evidence of illegal content, we will remove such content immediately.
We allow anyone who has been filmed in a video or other content the ability to appeal to remove that content.
There is a reasonable process in place to ensure that appropriate consent has been obtained.
If consent cannot be demonstrated, or if the person depicted in the Content can prove that consent is void under applicable law, we will remove the Content with immediate effect
We do not attract users to the Website through the use of adult content that is illegal or in violation of the Standards.
We do not use our website in any way that promotes or facilitates human trafficking, sex trafficking or physical abuse and prohibits any of our content providers or makers.
We have an active membership and are involved in an organization to combat human trafficking and/or combat child exploitation.
If you use our website as a content creator or customer, you acknowledge and agree to this Agreement
*Note: This list is updated from time to time