Payment Methods

Payment methods available are digital currencies, phone wallets, all types of credit cards, and local and international payment methods.

If you want to pay with digital currencies, you will find this payment directly if you log into your account and add a balance, but if you want to pay in other ways, you can buy the balance from here. It supports phone wallets and credit cards, as well as other payment methods.

You can also pay through credit cards and gift cards from here

Please note that if you pay via digital currencies, the balance will appear in your account automatically, but if you pay via other methods, you will find the balance available in your account after minutes.

Pay Charge 6$ Pay Charge 10.5$ Pay Charge 15.5$ Pay Charge 38.99$ Pay Charge 88$ Pay Charge 202.5$ Pay Charge 251.99$ Pay Charge 999$